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Create Dynamic and Customizable Spaces With Window Film in Dallas, TX

At DFW Window Film, we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your space in Dallas, TX. We offer a range of window film solutions that can help you improve energy efficiency and keep out excess heat and UV light, protect you from flying debris, add a beautiful look to your building, and more.

With Avery Dennison VelaTM Smart Film, you can dynamically change glass instantly. The Vela dynamic display system is a smart window film that uses cutting-edge technology to improve interior environments in retail and other commercial settings. The Vela product line was created to be applied to practically any interior glass and is engineered for simple maintenance, making it simpler than ever to retrofit an existing environment with additional levels of functionality.


Our Vela window film installation service includes:


  • A dynamic solution to your window privacy and customizability needs.
  • Fully integrated system that allows for customizable, smart home control.
  • Installation by certified dealers and experts.
  • Avery Dennison offers dependable warranties, technical support, and assistance.

State-of-the-Art Film Display

The Vela Dynamic Display System gives shops the tools they need to stand out from the competition, improve consumer engagement, and achieve ideal visibility. Retailers may convert transparent storefront windows into dynamic advertising displays using Vela, a retrofit solution that can be applied to interior storefront windows of any dimension, alerting passersby to promotions, flash specials, and new products. With a Vela branded dynamic display, maintaining the bond between you and your clients is simple.


The advantages and applications include:


  • Totally integrated approach
  • Storefront signs that Don’t obstruct merchandise
  • A sustainable alternative to signage that needs to be replaced frequently
  • Dynamic stores that draw in more customers
  • Provides clients with a fun and unique in-store experience
  • 178° viewing angles for HD images

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We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and have used our expertise to install Vela window film for business, properties, and more! If you’re looking for a trusted source for high-quality window film in Dallas, TX, look no further than DFW Window Film.

Smart Window Film That Adjusts to Your Needs

Vela™ Window Film

With the flip of a switch, instantly transform glass and make spaces dynamic with Avery Dennison Vela™ Smart Film. Vela’s dynamic display system is smart window film technology. This system works by actively switching from transparent to opaque with electricity. The unique particles or molecules inside our films scatter or align as films are turned on and off, allowing light to pass through for opacity or transparency, and the switchable control of various forms of light.

This innovative technology will enhance any retail and other commercial interior environments. Designed to be applied to almost any interior glass and engineered for easy maintenance, Vela makes retrofitting existing space with new levels of functionality easier than ever. Follow our link to see a demonstration!


Vela Window Film Functionality

The components of Vela Smart film are PDLC technology on conductive coated film, a Pressure Sensitive wet or dry adhesive, and Avery Dennison’s Scratch Resistant Coating. With electricity, PDLC smart film technology actively changes states. As our films are turned on and off, the distinct particles or molecules inside them disperse or align, allowing light to pass through for opacity or transparency and the switchable control of various types of light (IR, UV, and visible).


Enhanced Privacy

The Vela window film by Avery Dennison can dynamically transform from transparent to a gorgeously frosted opaque, improving the aesthetic and utility of interior spaces. The Vela smart film may serve as both a writing and erasing-friendly whiteboard when it is completely opaque and switched off.

The advantages and applications of our window tint options include:

  • Ideal for use in offices, hospitals, hotels, and private homes
  • Instantaneous openness or privacy
  • Natural lighting used privately
  • Replacing difficult-to-clean curtains
  • Simple connection with intelligent systems
  • Flexible usage of an open-plan area
  • Ability to use a projection screen and a whiteboard
Vela on
Vela off

Can you believe these are two pictures of the same application of film?

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