What is window tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a thin film to windows, which helps to control heat, reduce glare, and provide privacy.

How does residential window tinting benefit homeowners?

Residential window tinting enhances privacy, reduces energy costs, blocks harmful UV rays, and improves the overall comfort of your home.

What are the advantages of commercial window tinting for businesses?

Commercial window tinting increases energy efficiency, improves occupant comfort, reduces glare, and protects furniture and merchandise from fading.

How does window tinting help with sun and UV control?

Window tinting blocks a significant amount of the sun's heat and UV rays, reducing interior heat, protecting furniture, and minimizing the risk of skin damage.

What is window décor film, and how can it enhance the appearance of windows?

Window décor film is a decorative window tint that adds style, patterns, or textures to windows, providing an elegant and unique touch to any space.

How does safety and security window film work?

Safety and security window film strengthens glass, making it more resistant to breakage, and helps protect against forced entry, accidents, and severe weather.

What is anti-graffiti window film, and how does it help?

Anti-graffiti window film is a protective layer that prevents damage from vandalism, scratches, and graffiti, making it easier and more cost-effective to replace if necessary.

What are the benefits of Vela window film?

Vela window film offers superior solar performance, reducing heat gain, minimizing glare, and blocking harmful UV rays while maintaining optimal visibility.

Why choose our company for window tinting services?

Our company is a trusted provider of professional window tinting services, delivering quality installations, excellent customer service, and long-lasting results.

How does commercial tinting improve office environments?

Commercial tinting enhances office comfort by reducing glare, controlling temperature fluctuations, and providing privacy, resulting in a more productive work environment.

What types of window tinting services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of window tinting services, including residential, commercial, decorative, safety and security, and anti-graffiti solutions.

How can I schedule a window tinting service?

To schedule a window tinting service, please contact our team at (214) 888-3456. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and arrange a convenient appointment.

What are the benefits of decorative window film?

Decorative window film adds style and privacy to windows, allowing natural light to enter while blocking unwanted views, making it ideal for homes and offices.

How does window security film protect against break-ins?

Window security film holds shattered glass together, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry and providing an added layer of protection for your property.

Why should I choose professional window tinting services?

Professional window tinting services ensure precise installation, use high-quality materials, offer expert advice, and provide warranties for peace of mind.

Is their a window film where you can see out of but no one can see in day or night?

Unfortunately not. Once the sun sets and it's dark outside, the light inside the building will be be comparatively brighter. The only way to get privacy 24 hours is to get something you can't see out of. The benefit of privacy film is that it works best during the day, enabling more privacy while also saving on your utility bill.

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  • Bob Feagin
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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting Everything involved with this job was no less than perfect. I recommend these folks to anyone, and everyone. Thanks for a job well done, in a very timely... read more

    BillieJean Willis
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    Install or Replace Drapes or Curtains Fast response time, quick in home quote and quick turnaround on installation.

    Jill Davies
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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting Professional, helpful, and great customer service. Would definitely recommend.

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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting From start to finish ..........AAAAA++ in my book real great to meet these guys........thank you KC and Eric .

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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting Very efficient, great customer service and great work!

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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting - For Business Estimate was fast and informative as well. Very personable and easy to work with. Explained everything in detail and was very thorough. Other competitors just walked the building and gave... read more

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    Apply or Replace Window Tinting Great work, great company!

  • Apply or Replace Window Tinting Everything involved with this job was no less than perfect. I recommend these folks to anyone, and everyone. ... read more

    Bob Feagin
  • Install or Replace Drapes or Curtains Fast response time, quick in home quote and quick turnaround on installation.

    BillieJean Willis
  • Apply or Replace Window Tinting Professional, helpful, and great customer service. Would definitely recommend.

    Jill Davies
Barry Peterson
Barry Peterson
They were great with the up front work of picking a film for our front doors. They made suggestions and allowed us to evaluate what worked best for us. Once the film came in (it was ordered) - scheduling was a snap, then they were able to work us in on short notice (over a week earlier than scheduled) when a time slot opened up. That was much appreciated!!! I highly recommend DFW Window Film and will use them again on other projects.
Ann Leewright
Ann Leewright
DFW Window Film did the best job on my privacy film for my work office. The expediency of completing the job, and customer service was so impeccable. I will definitely use their services and recommend for anyone needing their services. The fair pricing is greatly appreciated, especially in the high rising costs of inflation nowadays.
George Fuller
George Fuller
Great service and great job!
Vinu Abraham
Vinu Abraham
Kevin is the sales rep and Josh the installer. They installed Avery 43% heat reduction ceramic film. The pricing is reasonable and demonstrated professional work ethics. The quality of Avery has yet to be seen. Hope it will last for years....it's just been couple of weeks after installation cannot provide remarks on the product but certainly DFW know what they are doing. I was very pleased by their approach....thanks Mat
Aaron Vickers
Aaron Vickers
Professional - showed up when they said they would and the window tinting is amazing! We love not having blinds to block our view. There is a considerable difference in the temperature of the rooms. In Texas, that is an advantage! THANK YOU!
Jake Jacques
Jake Jacques
Very professionally installed, outstanding craftsmanship and amazing ownership thanks guys!!!!
Tanya Repair
Tanya Repair
Great service and my windows and logo look amazing! 10/10
Julie McCarble
Julie McCarble
Great work at a great price. They came out to give me an estimate, left behind samples so I could look at them in different light (for instance, at night). Quickly scheduled the work and the installer arrived right on time. The work passed my husband's critical eye - clean cuts, bubble-free! They made it easy!
Travis \
Travis \
Friendly, on time, and did a great job!!!