migrating birds

Soar into Spring: Join Us in Protecting Migratory Birds

As the buds of spring start to bloom, a crucial period for our feathered friends begins. This spring, DFW Window Film is raising awareness about bird strike collisions during spring migration and what we can do to prevent them.

Why Focus on Bird Safety?

An astounding one billion birds die from window collisions annually, with a large spike in occurrences during their migratory journeys. It’s not only about protecting the birds but understanding the value they provide to our shared environment, such as pest control, pollination, and seed dispersion. We believe that with awareness and the right tools, we can make a significant difference in preserving valuable bird populations for future generations.

Learn More and Take Action

To put it simply, birds cannot see glass. The majority of collisions occur when no one is around to witness them. Birds that strike and “fly away” are often left with life-threatening injuries and oftentimes do not survive. Simple measures like installing window screens or applying bird-safe window film to glass can prevent collisions and protect these vitally important species.


Interested in making your spaces bird-friendly? Explore the products below and join us in creating safer spaces for birds.


Bird Safety Film - Horizontal


Bird Safety Film - Vertical


Bird Safety Film - Trellis


Bird Safety Film – Frost Dot